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About Badges for Owners

Facilities and Badges

Four complimentary badges and tickets are sent to every owner who makes an entry. Syndicates with a declared runner can arrange an additional 2 badges/tickets by contacting Victoria Bowen-Jones on 01242 537602. Those with runners on the day are invited to a three course complimentary lunch in the Owners' and Trainers' Marquee, except at The Festival.

The badges are sent out by post six days before all races including The Festival, except for certain handicaps (see under The Festival for details).

We also have a specially designated viewing area and exclusive use of the Lawn Bar, with a wonderful view of the racing. At The Festival access is restricted to owners and trainers with runners in the principal three races every day to avoid overcrowding.

Irish and overseas owners' and trainers' arrangements

No badges and tickets will be sent to Owners and Trainers whose registered address is in Ireland or overseas. They can be collected at the racecourse from the Owners' and Trainers' desk at the Hall of Fame on the day. If you would like to collect them earlier please contact Victoria Bowen-Jones on 01242 537602.


If you require any further assistance, please contact Victoria Bowen-Jones on 01242 537 602. 

The Festival - Owners' Complimentary Badges

Complimentary badges, admission tickets and two car park labels will be issued to Owners and Trainers by post at the six day stage for all races except handicaps. In these races, advance dispatch will only apply to the top 40 in the handicap. The connections of any runner outside this number may collect their badges and tickets at the Hall of Fame entrance on arrival. In the case of syndicates, badges will only be issued to the first named person, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Clerk of the Course.

The Festival - Trainers' Complimentary Badges

Licensed Trainers who are members of the National Trainers Federation have been issued with annual Trainers badges for themselves and for a guest, so will not be issued with any further badges. Those who are not members of the NTF having a runner at the meeting may be issued with a personal badge for themselves and one guest for the meeting, on production of their license. Licensed trainers from Ireland and Overseas with a runner at the meeting will be issued with a personal badge and one for a guest which can be collected from the Owners and Trainers desk at the Hall of Fame entrance, or before the start of the meeting by prior arrangement with the Clerk of the Course's office on +44 (0)1242 537 602

The Festival - Licensed Jockeys

Licensed Jockeys who are members of the Jockeys' Association (PJA) should ensure that they are in possession of a PJA badge, giving them access to the racecourse for themselves and a guest. Irish jockeys and those who are not members of the PJA may be issued with a personal badge (and one for a guest if required) for the meeting, provided that their name is published in the National Press as engaged to ride. Jockeys who have engagements to ride on the second, third or fourth days, requiring badges for earlier days, must provide proof of such an engagement to ride signed by the Trainer.

The Festival - Access To The Gallops

Exercise facilities for horses with engagements at the meeting are available daily from 7am to 9.30am. Access to the gallops will only be allowed on production of a Club badge for that day. The exercise grounds are in the centre of the course and are signposted from the horse walk. A schooling fence and one flight of hurdles will be available for use in the centre of the course.